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Rick – Lean Engineering Leader

Rick – Lean Engineering Leader

lean recruiting for careersMy change of perspective is fundamental but then again, to PDCA myself was revolutionary. 

The pack and I are now separated…

And while I was never miserable with my job or super frustrated with my career, I had questions.  At different times situations at work would change and I would be left wondering if I was on the right track; with the right company.

I would get promotions, but the questions kept gnawing at me.  ‘Is it me?  Am I doing something incorrectly?  What do I want to do?’

Growing up I always thought it was all about getting the job and working hard so the right promotions would come… I didn’t manage my career or my development.  In short I was basically just wishing.  I would take on yet another huge project or challenge and envision it launching me to an undefined place ‘I wanted’ to get to.  No planning, just basically wishing.  But I didn’t realize that then.

After a very short time working with Career Kaizen and Jim Baran, I clearly saw I was part of something very innovative and long overdue.  I often thought, ‘why didn’t someone come up with this a long time ago?’  The fundamental structured approach to my development was like being in my natural environment for the first time after years of guessing.

When I became the object of my own development, I have to admit it was a challenge at first.  But I can say that this course has greater value than any Masters, MBA or similar degree program because it has set my career course.

I have presented my Career Kaizen work to a half dozen senior executives, and the result is I am building a network of people who now see me as distinguished from everyone else.  They see clearly that I know where I want to go.  Best of all, their reply to my ability to demonstrate and articulate my goals is, ‘what can I do to help?’

My change of perspective is fundamental but then again, to PDCA myself was revolutionary.  My advice to anyone would be to become a Career Kaizen participant.  Whether you’re happy or unhappy, loving your career or hating it, if you’re willing to make the commitment, you can only improve.

I can say honestly that my transformation has allowed me to know my ability to make the right choices and decisions with respect to my development and my career.

Until Career Kaizen, you only think you know.



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