Can You Get A Scholarship In Europe With WAEC?

According to the 2018 survey, almost 80% of African students were admitted to advanced educational courses in the UK. Several European countries like London, the UK house more than thousands of African students for advanced study programs every year.

They seek admissions in top colleges of those countries and regions, but with scholarships on priority. But practically, there is a very limited number of scholarships with WAEC to enable African students to study abroad.

Moreover, it is quite difficult for the students to win the scholarship spot for furthering their education due to the involvement of various factors in the WAEC certification exam. However, it’s slightly difficult, not impossible, to get the scholarship in Europe with WAEC.  This article will direct you towards the factors and other essential aspects of getting a scholarship with WAEC.

Important Factors That Can Help You Get Scholarships

The prime factor of consideration is qualification. Most West African high school graduates pursuing UG programs in Europe must have WASSCE grades or results in hand. These academic records are the primary requirements for the candidates to be part of getting the scholarships. It is eventually the prime factor, but the next important thing that needs your attention is the grades. 

The right grades and results will help you easily get the WAEC scholarship in Europe. For being eligible to most European scholarship programs, the high school students must possess WAEC certification with grades within 6 to 19 or better than that. Moreover, this is not some mandatory rule, but when your score falls within this range, the chances for you to get the scholarship will eventually be high. 

Most of the scholarships in Europe and other countries abroad emphasize academic records. Hence it is very important to maintain a good academic record and show it during your selection process. Therefore, you need to keep in mind to score A1 in your entire major and core subjects during your studies in your respective countries. It will help you a lot in acquiring the end goals. 

The next consideration is to have unique skills; enhancing your skill might earn you a chance to get funded during higher education in Europe. Some of the extracurricular skills that you must have, include: 

  • Drawing
  • Playing piano or keyboard
  • Playing football
  • Playing baseball
  • Playing basketball
  • Robotics knowledge
  • Different language speaking skills 

So, these are the important aspects that can strengthen your candidature for taking part in the race of acquiring a scholarship in Europe with WAEC. 

Scholarships By The Government Officials Of Respective West African Countries

The governments of different African countries have offered full scholarships to the students who have acquired good grades in the WAEC examinations. As a result, there have been multiple records for the same in 2019 and 2020. 

Stephany Chizobam Ugboaja and Favor Alozie scored A1 in all of their subject examinations of WASSCE in 2019. They got the reward as full scholarships by Governor of Imo, Emeka Lhedioha, for their future education. They got the liberty to choose the university they wanted to study in and left their tuition fee expenses to be handled by their government. 

These two students wrote the examination alongside 1.6 million other candidates in Nigeria. And getting A1 in all the subjects was a stepping stone for them in their careers! 

Therefore, rather than applying just for the available scholarships online with respective institutes, you need to try and stand out with your results through immense talent and skills.

It’s high time to encourage and motivate students to use their talents to get into UK universities. This duo of intellects 2019 were the first ones to earn such a big scholarship from government officials. Therefore, one must always praise talents! 

But after that, in 2020, WAEC examination scholarships got a reputation, and more people started to prepare hard for earning them. The Lagos government then offered university scholarships to the two best students with great WASSCE results in 2020. These two scholarship winners are Abiodun Anuoluwapo Favour and Sholana Taiwo Mohammed. 

The Lagos State Commissioner of Education, Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo, and Permanent Secretary, namely, Mr. Abayomi Abolaji, presented the scholarship to these students. Both the males who got the scholarship in 2020 are from the same school, Vetland Senior Grammar School, who attained good grades in the WASSCE examination under the WAEC board. 

They both are currently studying at the University of Lagos under the stream of Chemical Engineering and Medicine & Science, respectively. They are to get N200,000 every year until they graduate from the University of Lagos in the next 5 or 6 years. The two boys have full scholarships for their university education, which they attained with good WAEC scores. 

Hence, you can see how the scholarships are distributed to the students with impeccable talent and high scores in the WAEC examinations. Therefore, in almost all ways of acquiring a scholarship, you need to keep the base of your claim with great scores. 

Scholarships Offered By The Universities In Europe For African Students

Many African students are willing to study in international universities in Europe. Even though they have the required money, they still intend to get scholarship funding. They are important because there still might be a need for tuition funds, economic twists, and others at different points in time. 

Therefore, here is a list of full scholarships in Europe 2022 for the African students, not necessarily with WAEC, but from all forms:

#1 is offering scholarships for studying for Masters’s in Europe. With this scholarship, the candidates will be getting over €5000 of tuition funding from the African government. This causes a sense of relief in students willing to study abroad. 

#2 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships 

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are probably the best for international students. For acquiring this scholarship, they must provide you with the selected schools of Europe. It is a full scholarship and offers complete tuition funding.

#3 Austrian Government Scholarships 

The Austrian Government has continued to offer quite optimal financial aid for international students, especially from the fast-developing countries. It is open for all students, including African candidates who want to study in Austria, a European country. You will get monthly scholarships of €1050 for up to 4 months. It is for international students of all levels. 


These are just a few of the many scholarships available for international students from Africa who intend to study in Europe for higher education. But the scholarships that you get with WAEC are always high and most probably the full funding for your university tenure. 

Therefore, if you intend to develop some of the best degree courses in the coming time, you must count on getting proficient results with the WAEC examinations. Getting high grades will eventually help you earn a good chance of acquiring scholarships in the future. 

So, if you are qualified with WAEC certification, you need to get a scholarship to get into your desired university. You can put up your scholarship applications or use your scores to claim one. If you are too outstanding, the government might also offer you the scholarship you need for studying in Europe and other parts of the world.